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For those of you in the New York and New Jersey area (go Jersey!) you can tune in to hear John interviewed about REILLY and their latest release “Let June Decide”. 

The interview begins at 8PM…Tonight! Monday.

89.7 FM – Monmouth / Ocean Counties, NJ 

103.1 FM – Metro New Jersey & NYC 

99.7 FM – Sullivan County, NY 

94.3 FM – Pomona, NY 

98.9 FM – Poughkeepsie, NY

If you live outside of the NY/NJ broadcast you can still stream the interview ANYTIME.  Just visit http://www.BridgeFM.org 

Love and thanks,

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Thought we’d share this with you all.  Do you listen to WXPN too?  

REILLY likes XPN…not just because of this…



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Big Ticket Festival – Gaylord, Michigan

If you were in the crowds of thousands, or waiting in line for some cinnamon/sugar Elephant Ears, or simply taking in the sun and people-watching at the Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord Michigan this weekend, chances are you noticed a lot of butterflies. REILLY’s butterfly/violin logo was floating all over the festival grounds.

To publicize our Battle of the Bands performance at the “Indie” stage we handed out promotional stickers. LOTS of them. After a day and a half (and 3000 stickers) people were wearing them on hats, tee shirts, skateboards, guitars and wherever else these Michigan-ites could think of. Word was getting out about REILLY and their ‘Violin Rock’.

To push it over the top, Matthew and Dan paraded through the festival with our giant, 12ft by 8ft banner donned with the REILLY butterfly logo.

All of our promo efforts clearly paid off. Over 400 people, young and old, packed the indie stage to capacity…all of them curious to hear what “Violin Rock” sounds like. How did it go? We are pleased to announce our performance went well…so well that the judges, along with audience votes, crowned us the 2008 BotB winner and invited us back to perform on the main stage next year in 2009!!!

Here is the sticker Matthew designed:


Here is a photo Dan took from the stage.  Everyone’s holding up their hands in the shape of the state of Michigan:


Big Ticket Festival Audience holding up \


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 So these gas prices lately have been ridiculously high.   Tonight we’re leaving for Michigan to play at the Big Ticket Festival.  See below…


Getting to and fro Michigan requires A LOT of gas. Good thing we’ve put our heads together and came up with a more economical solution.  Consider taking this option…

See you in Michigan!

Dan and Mr. Ed


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REILLY members co-write in Seattle WA. John and Noele are busy working while Kyle is…well…you’ll see…

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Hello world!

Welcome to the official blog of Reilly.  We wanted a way that we can share with people what’s happening in our everyday lives.  This will be the place to keep up with the adventures that life throws at us. 

It’s our desire that this blog be as much about you as it is about us.  We want to hear your thoughts and input.  Stay tuned for questions, contests, challenges, and more to stir your imaginations. 

Let’s live life together.


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