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Hey Friends, 

A few months ago I had the privilege of being featured on Cross Movement Record’s rap artist Flame’s song “Joyful Noise”. On a cold December evening last year I recorded the hook for this song.  The studio was really great…fancy hard wood structures, leather sofas, great sound equipment and an easy-to-work with- engineer named Kevin Arthur. At the time, of course, I didn’t realize how well the song would eventually do. 

Fast forward a few months later…Joyful Noise has been very well received by fans and the charts. Flame called me up asking if I’d be interested in being featured in a Joyful Noise music video. It was a no brainer. So on memorial day weekend I traveled to Atlanta for the shoot. The shoot was an open casting call – so all of Flame’s fans from the area (and even those who aren’t afraid of driving hours and hours) showed up ready to make a great video. The energy in the room was truly amazing. The trick in cutting a concert style video is keeping the ‘audience’ members engaged and excited – take after take after take.  Up until midnight when we shot the last scene the energy didn’t stop.  Flame could not have better fans. These people were cah-razy.

Fast forward a few more months:

I’m pleased to announce that today marks the premiere of the video.

You can watch it here: \”Joyful Noise\” by Flame featuring Lecrae and John Reilly 


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Hey – ya,

What’s up world wide web?  Noele and I just got back from a week of family reunions in Sea Isle City, NJ and Minneapolis MN.  We had a blast (beach, golf, tennis, lots of Chinese food, and most importantly family!)  You see the band took the last week off and went on our separate vacations.  Kyle and his wife Kate hit up the beach, and John also made a trip to the beach as well.  I think Matthew and his wife Katy take the cake for the most adventurous vacation…  ALASKA! 

It was a much needed break as we had been playing mainly festivals in the midwest for the 1st half of the summer.  One of the highlights so far was Cornerstone Festival in Illinois.  It was our first year there and we had an absolute fantastic time.  Most of the bands there were metal bands, so we definitely added a different spice to the week (violins?  butterfles? oh my!) .  We played a couple stages (Indie Community and Encore2) and met alot of new people (shout outs to all you Cornerstoners!).  Here’s a pic from our Encore2 day.


So here we are in the 2nd half of the summer.  Tonight we’re playing a benefit concert for Invisible Children www.invisiblechildren.com and then some more festivals (BridgeFest, Purple Door) in the weeks to come.  We’ve got the Summer Olympics Show on 8/8/8 at the World Cafe Live in Philadephia.  We are now charged and ready to “gitter done”. 

Well folks, that’s it for me today.  And by the way, we’re always looking for some cool vacation spots to check out.  If you can suggest some places to hit up across this fine country, please let us know. 


Dan Huie

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Hey you all.  My name is Dan Huie, violinist/electric guitarist for Reilly, and I love romantic comedies <— (especially ones starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker).  Actually we had our own Elizabethtown experience and NO, it did not involve Legolas.  We had the pleasure of playing in the real Elizabethtown, PA at the city’s college for a retreat hosted by Grace Community Church.  It was GCC’s first “Reilly experience”, and I know that the band came away with some awesome memories and I hope they did as well.  Here are some snapshots from the show…



 the always lovely Noele…

I need to see more smiles people! 😉






They bought one of our posters, signed it, and then gave it back to us.  That was the first time anyone’s ever done that!  very very cool. it’s going up in our practice room.


What a fun night.  We’re right in the thick of summer and have alot more dates coming up.  Check out our calendar at www.myspace.com/reillytheband to find out when we’re coming near you. 

So did anybody actually ever see the real Elizabethtown movie?  2 thumbs up?  or is it this year’s Christmas office white elephant gift?

Any other RC movies you’d recommend?

Dan (photos courtesy of Mark Allen)

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