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We’ve uploaded our NBC 10! performance onto youtube for all to see.  Watching this video brings back some great memories on 8/7/08.  On that morning, we pulled up to the studio around 7:30 AM.  We loaded all our gear through the garage and walked through a bunch of desks and A/V equipment. This is where they did alot of editing of the show. 

After setting up our equipment, we ran a soundcheck at 9:15 AM on stage.  (The room is always alot smaller than what you see on TV.  On TV, it looks like a giant auditorium, but not true in real life. )   We did soundchecks, went well, and then did a Dress Rehearsal for a couple reasons.  1) to give the soundman and cameramen an idea of our song and movements and 2) to record “teasers” of our performance to show during commercial breaks.  I always wondered how Saturday NIght Live was able to show clips of the bands playing on their show if it was taped live… now I know. 

So we did that a couple times, then we were ushered back stage, and on our way back bumped into Paul Sorvino. He’s a mighty actor with alot of great movies on his resume. Pretty iconic face.  Really nice guy, tall towering figure.  He was the Juliet’s dad in Romeo&Juliet.  I started reciting a solliloquy to him. 

As the show was being recorded, we were getting our make up… well some of us did… i’ll let you figure out who did.  We moved into backstage positions a segment before our performance and as soon as they went to commercial, we got on stage, setup, and that’s where the video starts off…

**Shout outs to Bill Henley, Lori Wilson (2 uber cool hosts), Gabriel, Jami, Jess, and everyone else at NBC!  Check out behind the scene pics at our FLICKR site ->>>>>>

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Hey Friends!

Here is an email Kyle (REILLY drummer) sent us…(I left the typos in for you –  you know, for added affect 🙂

“My mom just called to let me know they advertised Reilly on the radio and at 9pm tonight they are airing “ermerging music” featuring several artists.  She said it was going to be Reilly & steven curtis chapman but I’m not sure how it works…Anyhow, check out their playlist for tonight!  You’re all prob on the way to practice  or will be soon but I thought I’d send this out…”
We have to tune in around 9/9:15pm!”  

WJTL 90.3 FM

Time Song Artist Album 
09:55PM Whispers in the Dark (acoustic) Skillet Comatose Deluxe Edition 2007
09:47PM Clouds After Edmund Hello 2007
09:43PM Above All Else Article One Colors and Sounds 2008
09:39PM Flood (New Rain) Jars Of Clay Closer EP 2008
09:35PM Streets Of Gold NeedtoBreathe The Heat 2008
09:31PM Born Again Third Day Revelation 2008
09:27PM You Have What I Need Hawk Nelson …Is My Friend! 2008
09:24PM Turn On The Lights Sanctus Real We Need Each Other 2008
09:13PM Cry For You Reilly Let June Decide 2007
09:08PM Desert Song (live) Hillsong This Is Our God 2008
09:04PM A New Hallelujah Michael W. Smith A New Hallelujah 2008

SO.,. tonight we’ll be pausing our rehearsal (for Purple Door this Friday!) in order to tune in.  Although we’ve been getting some airplay on various Radio Stations…we’ve never actually been together while a song has been played.  Wanna tune in with us?  


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In commemoration of the Olympic Ceremony, I am sporting 

A) my Gold and Silver Medals that I won at the 1992 Summer games for Figure Skating… OR

B) the medals that I stole from my 8 year old cousin Crystal who won them in an International Badminton Championship)…

Actually, as today is the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and the Olympics being in China, there’s alot of excitement about the significance of today’s date.  Growing up as a Chinese American, you know alot about the Chinese culture’s superstition.  Must wear red at weddings. White at funerals. Joy, and Luck, and the Joy Luck Club.  How about the number 8?

In Cantonese, the word “eight” is pronounced “faat.” It sounds a lot like the beginning of Cantonese phrase “faat hai,” which means “to earn money.” Cantonese speakers say that coincidence makes 888 about the luckiest trio of digits in Chinese culture.

And Friday, on Aug. 8, 2008, at 8:08 p.m. in Beijing, the Olympic Games will begin in China.

Pretty interesting.  I guess that’s why people think i’m so “FAAT!”. hhaha.. eh…  But seriously I am proud of my heritage and customs that make me who I am.  I love the nuances of the Chinese people and how they think and feel.  Personally I don’t put much faith into the superstitious beliefs, but I also don’t chide my parents when they bring up having pink sheets on my bed (a little too much information…).  What I do know is that my God’s sovereign and in control and I am not.  He ultimately overrides in what numbers, colors, or pink sheets have to say 🙂   


P.S. FOR ALL YOU HOMETOWN PHILLY, NJ, MD, DE, NY fans, we will see you TONIGHT.  Tickets are available at the DOOR!  DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS!!!!!!!!

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With only a few more days to our big hometown show in Philadelphia on 8/8/08, we’re gearing up for what will be an amazing concert experience, both for us and the audience.  We’re going to have alot of FUN Friday.  nuff said.  You can find out more info by clicking the image above.

Leading up to the Friday show is our Premier Television Appearance this Thursday August 7th.  We’ll be performing live on NBC’S 10! SHOW.  Shown in the greater Philadelphia area, the NBC 10! Show is a cool program and we’re honored to be their musical guest.  So if you’re around, turn the TV on and watch us rock.   We’ll try to post the show up if

For details on how to get tickets to be in the studio audience and for local listings, go here:  http://www.nbc10.com/10/index.html 

See you on Friday Night!

-REILLY braintrust

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