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Getting to know you

Hey peeps

Sitting here at my dining room table, aka my office, hoping to share with you what’s happening with us.  Well we just returned from Michigan for a show at Central Michigan University and SpringHill Music Festival.  Good times.  especially when you travel in an groovy old RV.  Michigan was a blast… rain or shine.  We zip lined, played some shows, ran in rain, and lived it up with the fine folks there.  We miss you already!


I’ve been meaning to share some videos that our good friend Ed at WJTL 90.3 FM (Lancaster, PA) has posted about Reilly.  (By the way, our song Cry for You is #24 on the top 40 playlist and rising!!) To introduce this next segment, i figure it be best to have Ed do it himself…

“The odd thing about being a video editor is how I get close to people who aren’t even aware it’s happening.

Whether it’s an artist or someone in the community, they may come in to the station or we may be out at a concert, someone else interviews them while I film the goings-on. After that I take the footage back to the office and literally spend hours and hours editing the interview. After a bit I start to get the sense that I really know who these people are. I pore over their every word and gesture, looking for the best angle and what-have-you, dialing in on their anecdotes, and suddenly I’ve spent all of this quality time with them. It’s like they’re hanging out with ME and not the pesky interviewer! I feel like we’re best buds and as far as they know, I’m Biff the anonymous camera guy (when, in reality, I’m the anonymous camera guy Ed).

It’s a very one-way relationship I have going on with these people.

Recently I’ve been forging a false friendship with my new favorite band, Reilly. John Reilly and Dan Huie hung out with us backstage at the Purple Door festival and they were a lot of fun. Their interview was incredible in that I was able to turn it into five different videos: a legitimate meet-the-band type interview, and four funny vignettes that give a little insight into their quirky sense of humor.

They’re all available on the station’s YouTube site. As of this writing, I haven’t posted the final two short films…I’m saving the other two to sprinkle in throughout the next couple of weeks. And, if you don’t wanna go all the way over to YouTube, you can watch the videos here.

First, the short funny ones:”

“and now the regular interview…”

THANKS ED for your help in helping people get to know Reilly (and wonder why in the world Noele would ever marry Dan… we’ll chalk that one up to God’s mysterious sovereignty and sense of humor)!

Have a great weekend folks!

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We made our own Evian commercials yesterday at the US Open… judge for yourself whose is better. Dan’s shot:

…or Noele’s retaliation. (She cracks up at one point, because she was making fun of me for saying ‘Evian’ wrong, and she did the same thing.)

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Labor Day

Hi everyone, Noele here. This is my first blog… ever.

As today is LABOR DAY, Dan mentioned that it might be appropriate for me to write today’s blog, being as I am 29 1/2 weeks pregnant. For the majority of the population that doesn’t speak weeks, that’s about 6 1/2 months. So I decided to give it a shot.

We’ve been busy – the band has played a ton of shows this summer, some of them further away than we’ve ever played before (thank you Michigan, Illinois & Indiana!). And lifting sound equipment and bending over my belly to plug things in is getting to be a little more trying than it once was. 🙂 But through it all, I really have no right or reason to complain, because I have been blessed (at least, so far) with a remarkably complication-free pregnancy. Sure, I crash after a gig, but I can still run around stage and even climb a two foot high first-place platform to take a solo (our little spoof on the Beiijing olympics).

According to the updates that I get in my email, our little baby is officially now old enough to exercise her lungs and breathe in the air of the outside world, and I read that she can even cough, blink and dream (!?) by now. I hope she doesn’t come too early, but it is reassuring that she’d probably be all right if she did.

One of the popular current topics of discussion within the band is the baby’s name. John thinks that “Ginger” would be best, but I can’t get past the red-headed movie star from Gilligan’s island.

Any ideas?

back soon,


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