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Hey Crew

Noele and I are on to our first World Series Parade ever.  Last time our Fighting Phils were a parade was 1980! Coincedentally the year that we were both born.  (Quick do the math!).  And here we are, 2008 and celebrating the championship with a couple million other fans.  80 08. 8/8/08.  all these 8’s everywhere!  And now our bambinette is being born this year too.  Hopefully it’s not another 28 years before we get to celebrate on Broad Street Philadelphia!

As I was thinking about Sports, competition, and the passion that many of us experience, I wanted to recommend a book to you that our friend and fellow songwriter Stephen Altrogge wrote on this very subject.   We know Stephen and his family really well and they are all quality people.  John Reilly actually has recorded one of Stephen’s songs on a Sovereign Grace Music worship album.  Just google the name Altrogge and you’ll find out what we’re talking about.

The book is called Game Day for the Glory of God. I don’t know of too many books that touch on this subject, so I’m glad Mr. Altrogge has decided to pen this one.   Anytime we can shine some “gospel truths” into every day activities (especially ones as big as sports!), we walk away better people for it.

With that being said, we’re off to root for the hometeam… and if they don’t win it’s a shame… but there’s no shame today 🙂


P.S. GO LISTEN TO SOME REILLY. It will get you excited for the weekend!

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Hey Friends

Dan Yan here.  Hope you’re having a grand day.  I wanted to share something that our friends at WJTL FM (#15 on Weekly Top 40!!) posted.  I think it sheds some light into my psyche.  It’s amazing what comes out during interviews…

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Hey friends

We’re having a fun time with local shows this weekend.  It had been a while since we did something close to Philly and it’s always fun to play to home crowds.   Last night we played in Havertown, PA and had a blast helping to celebrate a church’s 100th year anniversary!!  That’s a long time of faithfulness.  Someone told me that the church had prayed through the Great Depression, both World Wars, and more.  Isn’t that amazing?

And for those who were wondering, Noele has still not missed a show yet!  Despite the blood clot situation, she’s still been able to rock out with us.  God’s grace is abundant in this season.

Tonight we’re back at Eastern University and performing at the AUDITORIUM, 8:30 PM.  It’s open to the public so come check us out before any babies drop.  The concert is actually part of the Renewal Summit which is seeking to help students care for God’s creation. To find out more about the summit, click here:


Saturday Oct 18th.  Eastern University Auditorium.  8:30 PM

Hope to see you all there!


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Congrats to Reilly’s hometown team, the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES, for making it to the WORLD SERIES!!!

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Running on Limited Time

October 26th is just around the bend and it’s going to be a HUGE day for me.  Since July I have been training to run the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC..my first ever attempt at running a marathon. Now, I didn’t know much about Marathons when my sister Rachel (NYC) asked me back in May to join her for this adventure.  Basically, I just knew a marathon is a long, long, distance.  Over the past couple of months I’ve learned a thing or two about running:  the benefits, the dangers, proper eating habits, the 17-18 mile wall, complex vs. simple carbohydrates, GU, the Nike+ system (awesome) and the importance of getting yourself the right pair of shoes. There is an entire running world out there and it’s good to be part of it (at least until the marathon is over).

On September 21st my sister Rae came down and we ran the Philadelphia Distance Run sponsored by ING Direct.  It was a half-marathon, 13. 1 miles.  The weather was gorgeous, sunny with a slight breeze, the fans were great, and every mile a live band was playing on the street.  The timing was also perfect – just about a month out from our big 26.2 mile marathon.   We ran great and met our goal of running the half in under the 2 hour mark.  It was a real confidence booster for us – we both are excited for the big run. Here is a shot of us after the finish line, holding up our Liberty Bell Medals.

Just after the Philly Half my knee was really starting to bother me.  Sometimes your shoes can be the source of aches and pains.  As a general rule, you’re supposed to get new running shoes every 500 miles since they begin to lose their ability to support you properly.  In my training I haven’t come close to the 500 mark. Even so, at about mile 11 on the half those shoes started to feel like sheets of cardboard strapped to the bottom of my feet.  It took about 4 days for my right knee to feel normal again.  So, for the big run this month I got some new kicks…the Nike Moto 6.  I’m going on one more long run this weekend before I taper down and I’ll be breaking those in.

Good times:  For the Marine Corp Marathon Rae and I will be surrounded by the love of our family members…about 15 of them 🙂  We’re getting shirts made up, buying noise-makers (aaahh ooohga horns), and going out the night before for a huge carbo-loading pasta dinner at a fine italian restaurant.  Not only have I learned about the sport of running/racing.  I’ve also learned that life really is similar to running a marathon.  You need to pace yourself, know your limits, respect your body, and enjoy the adventure – even though it’s tough sometimes.  Wish me luck friends!!!


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Hi everyone. John here.  So last Friday, while driving to a bonfire, I turned on the radio in my truck. And, alas it happened. I am the very last of all the REILLY members to experience this, but I actually heard REILLY on the radio. It was a nice lil’ surprise and after about 90 seconds or so I kinda dorked out – but for just a brief moment.

90.3 WJTL (Lancaster, Pa.) played Track 8 from “Let June Decide” – a song called “Come to Me”. For the past few weeks I’d been hoping to catch us on the air since “Cry for You” is on their daily rotation. Turns out that we’ve been steadily climbing their weekly Top 40 chart.

Here’s a screen shot of this week’s Top 40 List.

TW – represents the standing for “This Week”

LW – represents the standing “Last Week”

WKS – represent how many total weeks the artist/song has been on the Top 40 chart.

REILLY is currently #19 this week.

Click to Enlarge Image - REILLY is #19

Due to the success of “Cry for You” WJTL is conducting and On-Air Interview with me TONIGHT -October 7th at 9PM. Be sure to dial in for the interview at 90.3FM or online at http://www.wjtl.com
October 9, 2008
If you missed this interview you can listen to it online here:  http://www.wjtl.com/WJTLcasts/
The interview is split into 4 segments.

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Hey everyone!

Let me just start by saying I have never been so glad to see my own couch! Kind of a strange thing to say? Well, when you’ve been in a sterile hospital bed for a few days staring at a white wall, home is a very welcoming place.

So much for an ‘uneventful’ pregnancy. 🙂 Over the last couple of weeks, my left leg has swelled up — only my left leg, and just above the knee — to ridiculous proportions, making it all but impossible to sleep, eat or walk. Last week, I went for scans of my veins, which came up clear. The doctors subsequently told me that I would likely have to live this way for the remaining 7 weeks of my pregnancy.

One week later, I called them back, telling them that I needed something MUCH stronger for the pain… hoping that they would do something – anything – to fix me. I went into the doctor’s office on Monday morning. He took one look at my leg and said, “you’re not going home. I’m admitting you to the hospital.” Thank God for the prudence of that doctor! Over the next few hours, the scans found multiple blood clots in my upper left leg. They immediately started me on blood-thinners (shots, 2x a day!) They monitored me around the clock, even waking me up every few hours during the night to check my (and the baby’s) vitals.

Wednesday afternoon I was released from the hospital, still not really walking, but with the promise that if could learn to give myself two shots per day, the swelling would gradually decrease to the point where I will feel completely back to normal (besides the whole pregnancy thing). God is so merciful to me! The baby is doing fine, they expect that the clots will erode and resolve themselves over time… I just can’t get injured (!), and I’m a little nervous about delivery. But the doctors tell me that they will take me off of the blood thinners temporarily, and I will be just fine. 🙂

Not sure yet if I’ll be at the show on Saturday, but I’ll be back soon! Each day I feel a little better!


At the hospital

At the hospital

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