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The Stolen Onesie!

The Copy

In honor of Reilly’s newest member, little Evangeline Huie, we made this darling lil’ butterfly onesie. Awww, in’t it cute? We’re selling this on our web store if you want one.

But we thought we should come clean. A friend of ours, Chelle, gave Dan and Noele a strangely similar gift this past summer at Purple Door. Dun, dun, dun… So I guess we kind of stole her idea. Sorry Chelle! Your idea was way too good 🙂

The "Original" Reilly Onesie

The "Original" Reilly Onesie


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As thanksgiving approaches it’s a great time for me to reflect upon the last year and remember my many blessings (I’m singing that nursery-type song: “count your many blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings, see what God has done”). I’ll be heading home to Jersey this afternoon to enjoy time with my family. We have some fun traditions we do:

1) my mother’s amazing cooking abilities spread on a 20 foot table, with family and friends

2) following dinner my father always takes coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and mocha chino orders (he latched onto the coffee culture while we lived in Italy a few years)

3) You can’t have coffee alone, so my mother always prepares a rich dessert – some of her crowns are: Tiramisu (Italian for ‘pick me up’), Flan (Spanish for ‘Flan?’), and an Egg Custard Roll.

4) After coffee in the sunroom we typically head over to the den for some football on the flat screen in HD. This year I’m looking forward to the Texas vs. Texas A&M game!

5) After a game it’s usually some downtime where we grab a nap or a book and just relax…this year I’m planning to go for a run.

6) At night we’ll usually chat it up over some left-overs (I LOVE turkey sandwiches) and watch a movie together or play a game at the kitchen table (UNO, Speed Scrabble, Pit).

7) The next morning my father usually makes his signature breakfast ‘mountain’ eggs.

Yes, I’m looking forward to another thanksgiving with my family – they are a true blessing and I consider myself extremely fortunate. I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday this weekend as much as I will.

Here are some pics of my family and I during last month’s Marathon in DC. Many of you have been asking how it went (thank you!)…and I’m pleased to announce that it went really well. My goal was to complete the marathon (26.2 miles) without stopping and to cross the finish line in 4Hours and 30Minutes. For those of you just tuning in, I wrote a previous blog entry about this in October. My sister Rachel and I completed (without stopping – even in spite of some MAJOR hamstring lock-ups on Mile 21 and Mile 23) in 4Hours and 15Minutes….an entire fifteen minutes faster than our goal! It was an amazing experience – the crowds/specatators were REALLY encouraging and were calling out our names (my sister designed shirts with our names on the front), the sights were great (I felt more patriotic than ever) and seeing our family members cheering us on lifted our spirits right when we needed it. I recommend running with a buddy. It was so great how my sister and I were never ‘down’ at the same time – so we were able to encourage each at just the right moments. I’m glad it’s over now. But I’m wondering if I should do another one. Hmmm.









Lastly, on behalf of REILLY, we THANK YOU so much for your continued support of us. Your encouraging emails bless us more than you could know.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Noele and I are superbly thrilled to introduce our 9 pound 4 oz, 20 inch baby girl into the world.  She was born yesterday, 11/22, at 5:41 PM.

Please say HI to Evangeline Mei Huie. Little Evie is doing wonderfully well and as healthy as a 9 lb 4 oz baby could be. For those not familiar with baby size, that’s a big baby!

Our little baby is bigger than anyone imagined!  Noele carried well if I don’t say so myself.  Noele herself was 9 lb 8 oz, so perhaps it’s a bit of payback 🙂

We have seen God’s grace and providence over this entire labor. Noele toured the U.S. this summer and fall while carrying Evie in her belly.  It was only by God’s strength that she was able to handle the crazy festivals, roadtrips and rock out night after night.  His sovereignty allowed her to be born the day after all our band commitments were met.  Noele was even able to perform her “due date” concert on Thursday evening at the ACSI Conference.  Though Noele experienced a trial a couple months ago with a blood clot, we have seen God continue to guide us and comfort us through the entire pregnancy and delivery.  The labor lasted only 11 or so hours and the delivery was about half an hour max.  She was a CHAMP throughout the whole process and I am amazed by her endurance and strength.

THANK YOU to all of you who have prayed for us!  We have met so many of you on the road and you’ve shared in our journey.  We’re glad that our lives go beyond the stage and we can share our real life situations with you.  We look forward to having Evie join us on tour and for you to meet her.  We are excited to see what the future holds for our family!!!

Peace and Love,

Dan, Noele and Evie Huie


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Hey friends

Last week the band led worship and performed a concert at an ACSI (Assoc of Christian Schools Int) Conference held at Harvey Cedars, NJ. It was nice for the band to get away together and wake up every morning and start playing music.  Plus the students at the conference were awesome and totally full of joy and passion. They were very encouraging and inspiring.

During our downtime, we actually worked on a couple new songs!  We can’t wait to finish them up and play them for you.  Also we performed a concert for the students. It was MEMORABLE!  Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll let this one communicate the concert experience.  Here’s a shot of our last song…

Crowd rushes the stage

Crowd rushes the stage. Where's John?

We’re doing the same conference this week for a different region of schools.  Looking forward to seeing these students again though!


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Hey Friends,

REILLY is currently being featured on “Revolve: Rockin’ The Road” – a new TV show on the Gospel Music Channel. The show airs on GMC at 11PM on both fridays and saturdays. We’re also the Gospel Music Channels Artist of the Week.  As such, you can receive a FREE download of our song “Sunlight”.


When the cast and crew of Revolve go on tour, real-life drama follows. Tune in as they travel the country talking to teens about tough topics like dating, tattoos and everyday challenges. Watch what happens when Hawk Nelson, Krystal Meyers, Group 1 Crew and Ayiesha Woods hop on the bus and meet up with Natalie Grant at the Revolve “All Access” event.

Visit REILLY’s Profile on the Gospel Music Channel website:  http://www.gospelmusicchannel.com/artists/detail/reilly

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