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Hey Friends
I competed in the Beta Hi-Fi competition FINALS last night (with Dan and Noele on violin/vox) and we won! It was such a great time as we were able to meet the other finalists in the green room and hear them each perform. The finalists were Barry Harris, Joel Rakes, Rod Kim, Matthew Green, and Avi Wisnia. We each performed a 25 minute set for the audience and a panel of judges.

Here’s an excerpt from XPN’s website about the evening:

World Cafe Live presents a new experience for songwriters to build their music and audiences through the presentation of new material. In Beta Hi-Fi fashion, we will have a “Singer-songwriter Showcase” scheduled for Thursdays in January 2009. Philadelphia songwriters will submit their existing music to World Cafe Live. Weeks 1-3, we will have 5 artists perform. 1 finalist will be chosen per night. Artists are to announce which is their new material as they perform them (at least 1-2 songs of their performance should be unreleased “new” songs) and the “new songs” will be what drives them to be a finalist. Artists are to preferably perform as a strong, solo artist, with one accompanist allowed if requested. Weeks 1-3 will be judged by the popular vote so everyone is encouraged to bring their family, friends, & fans. Week 4: The 3 finalists will perform for the evening, and we will have guest judges: Phil Roy, Lizanne Knott, Tina Shaffer (from NY Songwriter’s Circle), and Michael Majoun (WXPN). A FINALIST/”winner” will be chosen by the judges. Week 5: The FINALIST/”winner” will perform as part of the NY Songwriter’s Circle on World Cafe Live’s upstairs stage (Jan 29th). Prizes also include: one spot in NY (Bitter End) at their NY Songwriter’s Circle (TBA date), 1 Shure microphone, and 10 hours of recording time for their “new songs” at Morning Star Studios with Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Glenn Barratt.

In my previous blog I mentioned that I would be performing a new song called “Finding Out”. Here’s a performance of it from Week One of the competition, January 1, 2009.

Thank you so much for your amazing support. Thank you for listening!


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Hey friends,
John here. So, Dan registered me for a song competition at WXPN here in Philadelphia. He didn’t tell me that he registered me 😉 The competition is called “Beta Hi-Fi: NEW Songs for the New Year”. Turns out, I was selected to compete!! The competition requires participants to perform 4 to 5 songs with 2 of the songs being previously unreleased/unpublished and preferably brand spankin’ new. The first round was on January 5th at XPN on the upstairs stage. AND…I was advanced to the Finals which take place tomorrow night (Thurs. 1-22-09) beginning at 7PM!

*Come on out and enjoy some great artists and support me and a few REILLY members.

I wanted to share with you the lyrics to a new song I wrote for the competition. I will be performing it tomorrow night. The song’s called “Finding Out”. I wrote it as a response to some real positive changes that have happened in my life.

I remember times I’ve cried
Through the darkness in the night to you
But with time the times did change
Just like tears evaporate two by two

And I’m finding out
More than I’ve ever dreamed
I’m finding out you’ve called me out
Out of the shadows into the light
And you are still reaching
I’m finding out

I can see a spinning globe
In harmony with counterpoint
It’s not too far away
I can hear our voices rise
Like an ocean to the skies
It’s all for you, it’s all for you

And I’m finding out
More than I’ve ever dreamed
I’m finding out you’ve called me out
Out of the shadows into the light
And you are still reaching
I’m finding out

Sweet love has come alive
Brought me down to the riverside
Washed away my tears and pain
Promised me a brand new day

And I’m finding out….

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Thank You Dr. King

It’s been a while since I heard his speech in its entirety. Here’s an excerpt (with German subtitles?)…

Thank you for being a man of courage and resolve who stood up to the wickedness in the World. You are a true hero… a man filled with love who laid down his life to forge the freedom that we all can share today. By God’s grace may we all be willing to stand up for what is right.

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REILLY kicked off 2009 with a bang. We traveled up to the Pocono Mountains to play at Week 1 of the Sno Glo 2009 Conferences. We had such a fun time with all the students and youth leaders. Not only did we help lead worship music and play a concert, but we also took part in the fame tradition of Sno Glo Dodge Ball!

After the student team, Las Chicas, won the tournament, Reilly and other leaders challenged them to a game. Las Chicas took the 1st one, but team Reilly came back with 2 straight wins. However, it did get really dicey during the game. We recorded a video of the game and the mayhem that ensues…

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart…

Shout out to all who attended Sno Glo 09! We had a blast with you and really hope to see you again soon! You guys and girls were awesome. To God be the Glory!!

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