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I know we’ve shared a lot about vans breaking down, tires being blown, as well as thousands of dollars of repairs on our van, but I did want to point out that through out all this, God has provided and has given us much faith to be on the road!  He is so good and it is a fact that He will provide for all our needs.  Here’s some examples…

– On Tuesday, someone felt compelled to donate a lot of money towards the band… The person had NO idea that we were just hit with a hefty bill to fix our van!  He told us God had put it on his family’s heart to give and that he did.  Wow.  We were nearly in tears by the generosity!

– Thursday morning we arrive to Creation Festival 09 and played on the amazing Fringe Stage! First time playing there. It was a blast to play for a hometown festival where we attended many times!  Here’s a pic from the show:

Reilly at the Fringe

Reilly at the Fringe



Playing the Fringe was a highlight in itself. We loved meeting and hanging with so many new friends. This had been a dream for a long time to play here.

– Friday morning: 9:33 AM.  9 missed calls. 1 text message.

I’m in bed at home and see that some producers from Creation Festival have called me numerous times and texted me.  We had just come home the night before after playing the Fringe Stage and enjoyed sleeping in our own bed.  I quickly realize that all the calls can only mean ONE THING:  Creation needs a band to fill in and they wanted Reilly!

I call up Creation and it’s true. Pillar can’t make their slot on the Main Stage at 2 PM.  They want us to play…  Note we are 3 1/2 hours away and we have 4 hours before the slot… it takes up a few seconds to decide and I call the band up and we get in our cars and DRIVE.

Each band member drove separately and we arrived at 1:35 PM.  We load in, soundcheck from 1:45-2:00, and then play our first Creation Main STage slot ever…  Talk about getting promoted from Fringe to Main Stage… That’s probably the fastest that’s ever happened!!

Reilly rocking at the Main Stage of Creation

Reilly rocking at the Main Stage of Creation

God is good and we’re enjoying seeing Him open up doors for us.  There’s no doubt about it.  See you on the road!



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Check it out…


See everyone at Creation tomorrow at 12 Noon at the Fringe!

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Day of Rest

Wed-Thursday—Alive: Ohio

Friday—Big Ticket: Northern Michigan (15 hour overnight drive)

Saturday—Atlantafest in Georgia!!

We made it safely to Atlanta, despite the overnight drive and our van starting to make strange noises (props to Jordan for taking the 12-5am shift!). We played at Atlantafest on Saturday at noon in the blistering 96+ degree heat (the kind of weather where you sweat about a pound of water per hour), and it went really well. The festival even showed our music video each night on the jumbotrons! Sunday morning, we worshiped with Sovereign Grace Church in Woodstock, GA. It was a great time of fellowship, and we made some great new friends.

Enter Monday…. we took the van to a shop, and (as the mechanic put it), “I can’t stop you from driving your van, but I wouldn’t let my son drive it [until it’s fixed].” I guess that noise that we heard was serious, since according to them there’s some kind of problem with our power steering and we’re leaking both steering and brake fluid. Now we just have to figure out how to get to our show in Greenville, SC tonight! We are trying to rent a van until we can get back to pick up our van. Luckily, we are enjoying good food, comfortable quarters and great company staying with John’s sister and one of her friends. Update soon!

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Drowning the Beast…

As you saw in our last blog, Alive Fest 09 got poured upon by some heavy rains.  This details our experience the night and morning following the downpour.  The Beast, aka our van, was a goner…

non stop adventures!

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When it pours at a festival, we find ways to have a good time, rain or shine… check it out…

Shout out to to TWLOHA, Relevant Magazine, ONE, Jon Chu, Skillet.

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At the first festival

Day two.

Kentucky is very rainy — we got to the festival, only to find out that a ‘red cell’ storm was hovering over the area and people were being encouraged to take cover at their cars. The (giant) merchandise tent had also blown over the night before, and was still being set up. So with not much to do (we were there to promote; we weren’t playing a show until Friday), we made a shelter out of our tarp and had a good time eating a leisurely lunch. It’s also fun to run into so many familiar faces from The Psalters, Finding Favour, our friend’s from To Write Love On Her Arms, and our buddies over at Centricity.  It’s like a big reunion! The day looked up quickly,  –  hold on –

..sorry, Katy and I just lost the dog at the house we’re staying at when the cable guys showed up and let him out. but we got him back. Furious scramble across the yard in our pjs, we must have been a sight!

So the day looked up quickly, as a band didn’t show up for their set and the sound guys offered us a slot to play at one of the side stages. We jumped at the chance, and it went really well. It also offered us a chance to work out some kinks in our set, since we’d be playing at a much bigger stage on Friday.

We ended the day by watching House of Heroes, Fireflight, and Family Force Five concerts, and we got our merch table set up after all. Our drummer Jordan, actually was in high school marching band with Fireflight’s drummer so it was a good chance for them to catch up.

Also, believe it or not, our trailer got ANOTHER flat, so THANK YOU, DAVE for that spare!

REILLY (noele)

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Dan Huie here checking in from Lexington KY. We’re going to setup at Ichthus Festival today.  We left yesterday and captured a little “mishap” that occured on the way down…  Please enjoy…

Suffice to say, Reilly is off to a bang!  We’re really blowing up! (ding ding ding ding!)

Follow us on TWITTER too.  http://www.twitter/RE1LLY



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