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Hey Friends,

John here. I am having a relaxing day as I get ready for the next leg of our tour. We are leaving again, this time for the Southeastern states (AL, FL, TN, SC, VA, etc.) this Thursday. We are excited to get on the road again and enjoy the gift of music with some new faces. Please pray for us- that our time would be fruitful. Recently, I was reading the bible and it struck me how desirous God is for us to be fruitful with our lives. Even in Genesis, before sin entered our world, God instructed humanity to be fruitful (and multiply).

As some of you might now, we’ve been home for just about 3 weeks. Aside from enjoying opportunities to catch up with loved ones, we have also been writing songs together in hopes for a new collection of songs to offer you. Please pray for us in this pursuit as well. As REILLY is growing we are having to make more and more decisions daily. We really need to maintain our focus and to keep our pursuits biblical…to be fruitful. Please lift us up as we are writing, looking for producer(s), and as we are seeking to grow in songwriting and our ability to serve you all effectively with music that doesn’t smell 😉

So, I’ve got one batch of laundry done and packed. One more to go. Check out our tour dates and come on out for a night to see us.

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A bit of respite

IMG_0887 (1)It feels good to be home — especially during the best weather of the year. All of the familiar faces, well-wishes and homey comforts… (including our own beds) are not lost on us.

In addition to playing some shows here and there (last night at Eastern University and last weekend at the Rebelution in Washington, DC), we’ve been taking advantage of the inspiring, spicy fall flavored air to crank out some new songs for our next album. We’ve been spending about two days per week locked in at the Huie pad trying to collaborate in a number of formats. So far, so good. We covet your prayers for good songs and for direction for this project. I mean it, Pray! –noele

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Check out the video of us at LifeLight…


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South Dakota Recap

This weekened Reilly had the priviledge of being a part of LifeLight Festival. This was our last festival of the summer, and I think I can speak for everyone in the band when saying that LifeLight was probably the most impactful festival all summer.  We had our friend Mike Morrone from ShoutLife Promotions www.shoutlife.com hustling for us (giving Dan a break 😉 ). Mike was able to position our merch table ensuring high visibility and traffic. We also got to play three times at the festival’s coffeehouse stage. Matthew, our bass player, brought 4,500 stickers that we handed out before each set, to create a buzz among the 100,000+ concert goers.

Each set we played was an absolute joy to perform, and was well received by an ever growing audience attentive to both our music and message. A highlight for me was being presented a funnel cake and beeing sung Happy Birthday to by the audience before our final performance.

I am so thankful to be in a band that has a heart to both worship God and share the name of Jesus through our music. My hope is that our music would reach both believers and nonbelievers and speak words or life, meaning, and purpose into their lives.

Thanks for reading, and for all you LifeLight concertgoers, thanks for an awesome weekend!


Jordan the Drummer

Jordan the Drummer

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Friday!  It’s the beginning of the Labor Day Weekend.  We’re on our way to South Dakota for LifeLight Festival. We have been in Washington University of St. Louis on Wednesday, and then  Dallas City, IL last night. College shows, high school shows, love em!  These have been cities that we’ve never played in and it’s really great seeing new parts of the U.S.

How are you spending your Labor Day Weekend?  What do you have planned?



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Hey guys.  This is John and we are all in Nashville right now. I’m chilling with Dan and Noele and we’re eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts at this hour…what tha?  Why are we in Nashville?  Well, we had the privilege of doing one of the most fun (and Crazy) Radio interviews – For WayFM – which broadcasts nationally to 140 stations.  Please enjoy the following clips from our day with WALLY.

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