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Sunday Wind

We’re on our way home right now.   We feel the change of temperature and the brisk cool of fall up north.  It feels good.  I’m still rocking my sandals and probably will even when I’m in Minnesota in a couple weeks.

We’ve been out for about 4 weeks.  Good tour.  I’m editing tons of video footage right now so that you can catch a glimpse of our Southern Tour. Expect it in a day or so.

Here are a few things that I’m thinking about as I head home:

1) PHILLIES – can’t wait to see them play again in the World Series.  Big fan.  I miss listening to Philly Sports Talk radio while I’m out on the road.  They must be having a great time with all this.

2) HOME LIFE – Noele’s brother Leo is getting married on Nov 14th, while we’re playing a retreat in Gatlinburg, TN.  Noele and I are flying back home the morning of his wedding.  This is a prime example of how life moves on without you when you’re gone.  Wedding’s are important man! It’ll be a fun day for the whole family which I look forward eagerly to.   I think I’m Emceeing the reception.  Watch out…  I hope I don’t offend too many people.

3) it was 11 months ago today… Noele was 8 months prego.  A few days ago we celebrated 11 months of Evie. The best months so far in my life.

4) Writing music is on our list of things to accomplish over the next several months.  More to come on REILLY studio album number 3…

Good night



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Hey Friends,

We are still in the amazingly humid and FUN state of Florida.  We know, we know, – to all our northern friends – please don’t hate us as you’re seeing your breath evaporate in the cold October air.  We’ll be back soon and we’ll feel your pain.

With the warm Florida climate we’ve successfully extended summer. We’ve been to the beach, to the pool, and had a day in Disney World.  While at Disney World, John was selected from the audience to be an extra during the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.  He wore a red robe and a turbin.  Then they asked John to get into costume – hehe – just kidding…dumb joke. Thanks to all of you who posted on our facebook page about where to go at Disney (we love you!).  It was super helpful and we took a lot of your advice and we’re so happy that we did.

What was our favorite part about Disney?

Matthew: Rockin’ Roller Coaster

Noele: Wine & Cheese Festival at Epcot Center

Dan: Seeing Evie go on her first ride: It’s a Small World After All

Jordan: Listening to Spiro Jira Live at Epcot.

John: Tower of Terror (first ever ride for John at Disney)

Katy (Matthew’s wifey): It’s a Small World After All

Aside from all the fun activities we’ve also had the chance to play a lot of shows in:  Gainesville, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, then back to Fort Lauderdale…and we’re still not done.  We’re heading to the Tampa/St. Petersburg area (as we write) and then to the west side of the panhandle to the city of Gulf Breeze.

Just yesterday we had a unique opportunity to do something new as a band.  We were asked to be a special guest at Calvary Chapel’s music school, “Ocean’s Edge”, located in Fort Lauderdale.  The school operates for 10 months at a time.  Students (college age and beyond) have their choice of two areas of study: Worship Leading or Artist Development.  The school seeks to equip students for effective ministry through biblical knowledge coupled with music theory and performance.  It was an honor to perform for the student body and conduct a question and answer forum where students asked about various topics like: life on the road, songwriting, band dynamics off-stage, personal discipleship while on the road, and many other topics. Class was in session – and, No – we didn’t give homework.

We also were interviewed by RELEVANT Magazine.  We performed 5 songs live at their studio in Orlando.  All five songs PLUS a 12 minute interview is available at their website (and downloadable on their iTunes Podcast for free: Episode 10-16-09).  Check it out!  www.relevantmagazine.com

We’re happy to be on the road, doing what we love. Thanks for coming along with us by checking up on us.


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When I say that it is hot in Florida, I mean it’s 100 degrees and you feel it. You actually feel a weight on your shoulders.  It’s been sweltering these past few days but I am not complaining.  When you can step outside your hotel room and onto a beautiful beach with warm crashing waves, you have found the perfect way to battle the heat.

We’ve played in Gainesville on Friday,  Orlando on Saturday night lead worship Sunday morning, and then drove down to Fort Lauderdale that same day to play.  It was our first shows in Florida and they were really fun.  Many of the people had heard our album before but never saw us live.  I love how the live show differs from the CD and many people are surprised by the energy exuding from the stage.  Here are a few pics from the shows:

We’re on our way to RELEVANT Magazine later today.  They’re located in Orlando FL so we’ll be playing on their PodCast… so keep your eyes/ears peeled.


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Hey guys

Dan Yan the China Man here.  We’re a few hours away from our show tonight in Charlottesville, VA.  I wanted to give you a recap of our past few days as we have kicked off our Southern Tour:

Friday Oct 2nd – Saturday Oct 4th – Gallant, AL

We spent a few days with the kids and leaders from Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church. Shout out to all the fun and crazy kids!  A highlight was going to the top of a mountain (we drove, the kids hiked) and leading worship at the top of God’s awesome creation.

The Rutledge is one of the coolest venues in music city.  We were eager to play our first public show at The Rutledge.  They say Nashville is one of the toughest places to play because everyone is a critic.  I like playing for critics then.  We had a lot of friends and people we’ve worked with (may work with) come out and it was a blast rocking out. The sound system was HOT and it was just so fun to share with these people what we’re all about.

Tuesday Oct 6th – Clemson University in South Carolina

Last minute shows are often the best. Katy contacted them last week and next thing you know we’re playing for 100+ college kids at their weekly CRU (campus crusade for christ) meeting. The band met through CRU so it was a special night.  I met Phillip, a “BlAsian” aka half Thai and half Black.  I love meeting halfsies because it reminds me of how awesome diversity is and God’s creativity can be…. prime example EVIE.

See you in VA and then Florida!


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David Altrogge and Mike Harnett, the masterminds at Vinegar Hill who shot and produced “Sunlight,” entered it into the San Diego Film Festival… and it won “Best Music Video!” This festival is not a faith-based group, so its exciting to see the video having an impact on the broader arts and film community.  Kudos to both David and Mike for their great work!

The story behind Sunlight actually went through a number of revisions before it ended up in the form you see today. We didn’t know what we wanted the story to be at first. All we knew is what we didn’t want, a wooden-literal depiction of the lyrics (i.e.  “You are the treasure…” cue the treasure chest! “You are the Father of every prodigal…” time to show a dad and his boy embracing. And for the grand finale, “Sunlight, Daybreak…” cut to a beautiful sky image with glorious beams of light).

Our bassist Matthew worked closely with the producer David to help shape the story, which went through a number of drafts. No joke, at one point the story was so complex that it wove three mini-stories together that included an abused woman, a bullied boy, and an escaped convict who tragically trapped himself in a burning barn. Talk about ambitious!

Fortunately, David had the clarity to simplify the story to something doable. If you haven’t seen the video, its a story of two boys. They find something of great value and, well… you’ll have to watch for yourself.

Many people have asked what the video is about.  We could tell you, but we find it much more fun to hear what you think. What do you think the story is about?

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