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Happy Christmas

Hello all!

We are enjoying the holidays at home with our families… this week is a bit of a hiatus from our intense writing schedule. The band was able to set up for the day on Tuesday before our show at Calvary Fellowship (Jordan’s home church) and try out some new songs with a full sound system! The other (three or so) people in the room said that they dug the new stuff, which was great to hear. We also have been arranging some Christmas music, which we played at our home church, Covenant Fellowship last weekend. The reception to the performance was so good, there’s talk of a Christmas EP in 2010. We’ll see about that.

After New Year’s, we will gearing up to head to Nashville pretty hard-core, but in the meantime, here’s some fun Christmas facts/trivia… look for more from the other guys in the comments.

– Dan never had a stocking until he and Noele were married (really)

– Noele missed having a Christmas birthday by 5 hours (hence the name).

– One of the band’s favorite Christmas movies is ELF.

All the best to you and yours! Merry Christmas!

John, Dan, Noele, Matthew and Jordan

Anyone out there celebrate Festivus?? Dan and I love the feats of strength, particularly.



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Drew Shirley and Jon Foreman

Last Friday Noele and I won tickets to a special radio station (104.5) performance of one of our favorite bands, Switchfoot.  They were performing at the TLA in Philly later that night and swung by the station to do a few acoustic numbers on air.  There were only 12 people in the studio audience.  Really intimate and cool.  REILLY had actually opened for Switchfoot last May in NJ and so it was good to catch up with them without the massive number of fans that usually accompany a show.  Very sweet guys.

They played Mess of Me, Meant to Live and then a cover of the Verve’s “Lucky Man”.   A nice change of scenery and pace from the rock out set which would happen later that night.  Both the acoustic and full concerts were excellent though and had their highlights.

Check out their latest album Hello Hurricane in case you haven’t yet.  Excellent album.

Drew, Noele, Dan and Jon

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Over the weekend we performed at our church’s Christmas Concert.  Here’s a video of our version of O Holy Night.  Enjoy!


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I love sports and even got to play in high school. Tennis for 4 years and i ran track in 8th grade (i ran in the 90 pound and under divison).  heheh.  don’t laugh…. okay stop laughing…. now…:)   did I mention I also was in the Marching Band and Orchestra in school?

The following video is a couple months old but I never got to see this yet. This is from the 2009 NBA Hall of Fame Ceremony where John Stockton, David Robinson and Michael Jordan got inducted.   I had heard a lot about Jordan’s speech due to the stories he told.  What I didn’t hear a lot about was David Robinson’s, who is a well known Christian.  I youtubed it today (as I was procrastinating), and watched it and it was pretty amazing…  This is a great speech.  I hope it inspires you.


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Giving back

One of our fans shot us a message about how they’re seeking to raise money to bring Clean Water to parts of Africa.  I wanted to bring to light the opportunity that we have, especially during this season, to allow our money to make a giant impact on people overseas.  Take a second to check this out the following website and if you feel compelled to give to this OR start your own benefit with your church, GO FOR IT!




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a writing update

We got together for a few hours today at the House of Huie’s to work on songwriting. We actually completed a couple songs today (tentative names: Around the World, Pull Me Up)!  We’ve got about 10 songs in various stages from complete to just a chorus.  We’re hoping to hit 20 songs total before we step into the studio on January 25th.  (by the way that’s our official start date for recording!!)

So we count down to Jan 25th.  It’s a daunting task to write  a new album> you want everything to be 110% awesome.  But we know it’ll get done and the songs will be good. not because of us so much, but because we serve a very creative an amazing God.



P.S. Pray for Family Force 5’s Fatty!  He is in the hospital experiencing some problems with his kidneys 😦

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