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Week 1 Recap

Oh what a week, late January back in 2010…

It snowed in Nashville.  Churches were canceled all day today.  no snow plows anywhere. bad driving.   We should call in our Pennsylvania reinforcements to get their snow plows down here. I actually feel a sense of PA pride.

Onto the music… 3 songs are basically tracked and done. wow!  Our producer Mitch Dane flew out early Friday to attend the Grammy’s, of which he is up for Best Gospel Rock Album award with the band Jars of Clay.  Hope he wins!

Here’s a video of some snippets of the week and a look into our nightlife…

What do you guys think?  Anything you want to see specifically? (besides the full unadulterated songs from start to finish?) hehe.


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Today we worked on a brand new song. We finished the first song in about 2 days and it sounds fantastic.  Today we worked on one song and basically finished it in 8 hours… wow!  Here’s a video of the violin highlight section… enjoy 🙂


P.S. Evie had a crazy day.  She had a bad infection in her finger that got progressively worse tonight. It swelled up and was really puffy with white pus and we ended up taking her to a Kroger mini clinic.We were scared because if it got worse, it could spread and that’s not good.  Long story short, the infection popped while at the clinic and it drained and now she’s much better.  She hasn’t been sleeping much at all and it’s draining mom, dad and Evie.  keep Evums in your prayer please!

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Here we are. Day 1 of new album. Anxious/excited last night but today made the anxiousness go away. Much more excited.  This album will kick butt.  Here’s a taste of day 1:

Here’s a checklist of what happened (don’t forget, live updates by www.TWITTER.COM/REILLYBAND )

*All this happened before we enjoyed Caribbean food for lunch…

*Chatted, spoke about house rules, and prayed.

*Started on a song named _____________ 😉  hehe.

*Played a demo version from our friend’s studio (Shout out to the Welch’s!).

*Worked on the lyrics, melody and arrangement

*Then we setup the drums, bass and guitars in the live room and got sounds!!  That was FAST!

*Post Caribbean lunch…

*Started live tracking the song… very great energy. High tempo song.

*Did probably 13 passes of the song and had a great vibe of suggestions, critique, comments all to better the song.

*Finished editing drums, guitars, bass tracks

just did YogaX P90x with noele, katy bomberger and sometimes matthew… going to bed 🙂


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stay in touch

Well we finished our last day of rehearsing today and are packing for a long stay in Nashville.  We head out tomorrow for the South.  We play a concert in Kingsville, MD tomorrow night on our way down and I am excited for it.  We’ll be doing some new songs to test them out and can’t wait to see responses.

Over the next 5 weeks we’re going to be posting blogs of videos, pics and other fun from the studio.  Keep this page as well as our FACEBOOK page bookmarked.  We do a lot of mobile uploads straight to the Facebook site and unless someone can tell me how to do it on wordpress, most of the up to minute pics of recording will be there.  So be our friend at REILLY’S FACEBOOK PAGE

and our new twitter name twitter.com/REILLYBand

stay in touch friends!


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What we did this week

There are days when we get together as a band and we feel like “magic” is happening around us.  It doesn’t happen all the time by any means.  However this past week we got together at our friend’s basement studio and we went from “ehhhh…” about our new songs/album to “BAM. ME LIKE.”

We are so thrilled for the excitement.  That may sound weird, but we all have had doubts about these new songs and wondering if they’re good enough.  We got to jam out these songs and work on arrangements and it gave them life.   So it’s an answer to prayer (thanks to you guys and gals!!) because we can’t do this without God’s grace.

10 days…



P.S. in Hershey, PA right now and it smells like chocolate in the hotel… why? because they pump chocolate odorizer into the air…  ha!

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Here we are, 1/1/2010.  We had a fun year as we took many new steps and experienced many challenges but by God’s grace we came out unscathed.  There were so many awesome moments from this past year and we see the music really gaining momentum for 2010. Many summer festivals have been booked already, tours are being setup, and we’re recording a new album later THIS MONTH!!!  woo hoo!!

Check out a video greeting that we recorded today:

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