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We are in our last week of the new album. Most of our tracking is complete and now we mix all the songs. This means we’re taking each song and tweaking levels up and down to what sounds best.  We’re having Vance Powell (Jack White, Raconteurs), a monster engineer, mix the album for us. Him and Mitch Dane work together and it’s a match made in heaven.  Mitch has done an amazing job capturing the vision for the songs.   Everything from the drums, guitars, vocals, violins (and there are a lot of violins on this album 🙂 ) are sounding sonically fantastic.  And now with Vance mixing, the album is going to the next level!  I think you’ll be pleased!

Here’s a video clip from today of us mixing and AN EXCLUSIVE song clip… oooh!


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Hey friends

We are on week 4 of 5 of REILLY album 2010.  As you can see from older posts, we’ve been hauling the last few weeks and just today finished song 10 today.  It wasn’t easy as we’ve been getting more and more tired and some of us even sick. Perhaps it was the 99 cent Big Macs last night… i don’t know but we’re on the final stretch and need to keep pushing!

Here’s some comic relief for you all… Yesterday we dropped some gang vocals on a song and our friend Koo Chung captured the moment.  Gang vocals are basically when you get in a room together and sing into 1 microphone to create a sense of lots of people singing along.  Check it out and enjoy…


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Studio Pics!

Here are some visuals on our progress… we ended the day on Friday about 3/4 finished with track 7 already! It was a productive week… it’s pretty exciting to hear the album start to take shape. We definitely passed the halfway tipping point at some point this past week.

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Here’s a sit down chat with Noele over her favorite fix (coffee)

Yes to the Doppleganger or is she way off?

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Good and Bad

Hey everybody!

Hope all is well.  Over the last couple days, we had some tough days in the studio.  Everything has been going super smoothly and we were knocking out songs left and right.  We then hit a song that just seemed really tough to figure out the direction for.   We went back and forth with arrangements and just weren’t settled on how it should sound. I think we each had a slightly different take on the direction.   Nobody was fighting or anything like that, but it was just a struggle to figure out what we wanted.  Finally on Tuesday we settled on something and put the song to rest for now.  We wanted to move on and not let it bog us down.

Yesterday and today however are a different story.  Starting on Wednesday morning, we started work on a new song.  it is probably our most favorite sounding track now.  It was completed this morning and we love it.  There’s a totally different vibe on it than our other songs and the song brings us to another place.  Everything just kept flowing as we worked on it.  The video below is a video of  Jordan, Mr. Drum Machine, playing the song…

It sounds much better with all the other instruments but this is just a teaser.

Tomorrow we finish another song which is rock out anthemesque.

So you have good days, bad days, days in between.  One things is for sure: you need a struggle.  You need a dose of struggle in music to make it worth it.


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