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Spring Break Stories

Dan & Noele took a trip to the desert, visiting central and Northern Arizona! It was their first sans-Evie vacation, and they had a great time sightseeing in Phoenix, hiking the red rocks of Sedona and the Grand Canyon and visiting Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon in Page, AZ. They also were successful in finding two of the best coffeeshops in earth: “Lux” in Phoenix, and “Macy’s” in Flagstaff.

Since John and Bonnie got married recently, my wife Katy and I seized the opportunity to take a trip overlapping the dates of their honeymoon (the band couldn’t book any shows, of course). Katy and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary April 2nd so we took a big ol’ trip to Hawaii. It was a lot of fun! We spent one week in Maui, just the two of us, and then flew over to spend another week in Oahu to be with Katy’s brother Johnny (who is stationed in the Army there). Too many stories, so I won’t bore you with all the details, but here’s a list of some highlights: snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, kayaking to the Mokulele Islands, eating at Mama’s Fish House, first time surfing, shrimp trucks, haupia pie, worship at One Love church, hiking to a waterfall, swimming with sea turtles, bike riding down a volcano, and best of all it was with my best friend Katy, the love of my life.

Since everyone in the band was going on vacation during John’s honeymoon, I was told to go somewhere because everyone would come back with stories from their extravagant trips either abroad or cross country. I decided to go to Boston for the week, because I hadn’t been back since graduating last May. It was just the retreat that I needed, visiting dear friends and having perfect weather to enjoy being outside. Congrats to John and Bonnie for hiring a professional photographer in Mexico!

Bonnie and I were away on our honeymoon!!!  We went to Mexico – just north of Cancun to a private resort.  We absolutely loved it.  We spent a lot of time on the beach and in the aqua-blue and green waters – SO NICE. We also went on a few excursions. The first was to Puerto Morelos where we snorkeled in and through one of the world’s largest reefs.  At times it was tough to navigate through tight areas because we were told that we should never touch anything. It was a great trip that set us up for our big trip to a place called Xel-Ha (pronounced ‘Shell-Hah’).  Imagine an all natural theme park with tubing, cliff jumping, biking, mexican food, scuba, swimming with dolphins, manatees, and incredible snorkeling…and that is Xel-Ha. We saw the most amazing creatures underwater. It was like being in an episode of National Geographic or Discovery Channel. It was such a blast.  Bonnie and I got pulled over by the Sun Tan lotion ‘police’.  No joke. We were putting on a layer  of lotion and out of nowhere a woman told us we can’t use the type of lotion we had, and that we had to shower and buy a new bottle of biodegradable lotion for about 800 bucks 🙂 It was for the safety of the fish.  That’s cool. We’re fine being green and keeping Nemo safe.

We’re back into the swing of things and can’t wait to get on the road again with REILLY.


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This Saturday we have the privilege of playing a benefit concert in Lancaster, PA for LOVE146. This organization seeks to help put an end to tragedies which are happening all over the world.   Child Sex Trafficking… Exploitation…  These are the ugly events that happen every second everywhere.

The proceeds from this event go to support LOVE146.   Great music, awesome cause.  See you there…

Reilly goes on at 10 PM.



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Hey friends!

John here.  In case you have not heard – I’m married!  Please welcome to the stage Bonnie Jean Reilly.  You’ll meet her at shows during the tour and she can tell you what an ‘adventure’ it is living with me… haha. Life is full of transitions right now-new place, new names, new in-laws, new schedules, new piece of jewelry on my finger (I’ve never worn a ring in my life for more than 2 minutes). But, we’re adjusting to married life just fine and we are laughing a lot, learning a lot, and we’re thankful for a lot.

We’re also gearing up for lots of REILLY happenings like: the VIP listening Party, the New Album Release, the CD release Concert, and the upcoming Tour including a trip overseas to Europe!  We are SO excited.  We’re just amazed that we get to do this…write & perform music, travel and tour the United States and overseas, and meet outstanding people we can call friends.

I thought I’d make a quick list of the top reasons I’m excited for our new record – to sort of let you in and invite you to get excited too. So, here you go:

Co-writing: This album involved a lot of co-writing.  I co-wrote with the band and also took a solo trip to Nashville to write with some friends, namely: Tony Wood, Allen Salmon (Starfield, Seabird), and Andy Osenga (Caedmon’s Call).   It proved to be a very rewarding experience to work with others to create songs.  And I learned a lot. I think the end product is greater than what I could have done alone and I’m eager to hear how you all respond to our new songs.

Positivity: it’s been said that music should feel good. I’ve listened to the record quite a bit and I have to say there are songs on here that feel really good – there’s a brightness, an energy, a vibe that gets me every time.  Good examples are track #4 -FREE, Track #2 – AROUND THE WORLD, Track #3 FOR ME, and Track #6 WAKE US UP.

Production/Engineering: I’m really thrilled about the production of this album.  I popped in the CD while driving with Bons and we were loving it’s crispness and clarity, the punch.

Sounds: We experimented with LOTS of sounds on this record. The studio was full of instruments to choose from, great amps, keyboards, a rickety piano (that we LOVE), and amazing gear. Aside from ‘instruments’, we experimented with sounds that caught our attention (we even recorded the sound of a squeaking stool and sampled it – we called it the ‘stool’ sample).

Strings: While on tour we were noticing how you all were responding to Dan & Noele’s violin interludes. On this album, we wanted to capture more of what REILLY does best – dual violins. Viva La Violin!

Recording Process: The recording process was very creative and spontaneous. We entered Sputnik with a sense of exploration – we had the songs but also knew that we needed to keep them malleable and ready for change.  There were times when we’d be tracking and someone would get an idea and mention it. Then, we’d try it. Some of our best ideas came that way.

Electric:  There’s lots more edge to this album than previous records. In fact, my best friends got me an electric guitar amp for my bachelor party.  Is my acoustic taking a back seat?  I think so.

Love you guys. You are the BEST FANS EVER!

Love. jRei

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Next Sunday April 25th, 7:00 PM we will be hosting a VIP CD Listening Party in Lansdowne, PA (a nice little suburb of Philadelphia). We’re renting out a theater called Cinema 16:9 and will be playing the new album from start to finish. The whole band will be hanging out and chatting about anything and everything. You can also find out more about the recording process and stories behind the songs.

The great thing is this event is TOTALLY FREE. However you do have to win tickets. Here’s how you can win tickets:

1) Make the image below your Profile image on Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace.
2) Add a comment to our Facebook site. www.facebook.com/REILLYmusic

We will inform you in the next couple days if you are the winner. You and a friend will win FREE TICKETS to the PARTY!

Best of luck!

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On June 8th, 2010 REILLY will release their 3rd full length album entitled AROUND THE WORLD.  Over the next couple months we’ll be doing a lot of fun pre-release contests and events to gain momentum for the new record.  Here are a few things we’ve got on the docket:

– VIP Listening Party: Sunday April 25th.  Special invitation only.  Keep your eyes on all our social networking sites to see how you can get tickets to this intimate evening.

– First single releases in early May.  Will be available worldwide and available for download at iTunes.  Maybe even a new video??

– Giveaways of the memorabilia from the recording studio.  We’ll be giving away signed Production sheets, drum heads, gear, music that was used in the studio.

Looking forward to the next couple months of fun.  It’s like having a baby!


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