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Hey friends

Dan reporting in from Alive Fest in Ohio. Yesterday Noele got a call from our neighbor back in Pennsylvania… Turns out she called to inform us that our front tree, a giant 50 foot tree, fell on our house. Wow… Not what I expected! Apparently the southeast PA region experienced some hurricane/tornado conditions and turned our neighborhood into a disaster zone…

Weird to hear news like this while on tour. We are miles and miles away which kinda separates you from the reality of it all. I’m glad we weren’t home just cuz I’d hate for anyone to get injured. We’re thankfully able to take care of most of this via the phone and amazing family and neighbors!!!

Our hometown is shut down and trees are everywhere and streets are closed off. Natural disasters are powerful… Who is He that the winds and waves obey?

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on our last night in Myrtle Beach, we were supposed to play at an outside park as an outreach to the city.  6 youth groups from around the city were going to join forces and sing aloud outside so that the world could hear the joy in their hearts. Unfortuately thunder and lighting came and forced us to take the party inside to a local church near by.

We quickly got setup and then started the concert and worship event.  The first song went off without a hitch however during the 2nd song, “Too Long Without You”, the power went out.  I mean completely out.  No lights, no sound (except for a drum solo by Jordan) and we were left in the dark.  We then decided that this was a great opportunity to pack the hundreds of teens together and just sing some worship songs acoustic.   It turned out to be a beautiful moment.  It was just what God wanted.  In the pitch black, with no sound system, we all sang in one voice to God.  About 10 minutes later the power kicked back in and we started to rock out again full band.

… and then 15 minutes later the power went out again… heheh.  No problem though.  We huddled together and sang again and had an amazing experience.

I love it when a plan comes together 🙂

Now we’re on our way to our ATLANTA weekend. Check out www.REILLYtheband.com for tour dates and details!!!  We can’t wait to play with some amazing bands this weekend too.  Love Festivals!!!


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Down South

Hey friends!

We are down in Myrtle Beach, SC right now. No this is not a vacation on tour, but I will be honest to let you know that we are ENJOYING the beautiful beach and ocean while leading worship at this camp.

On Sunday night we played a show in Lexington, KY to a youth group at IBC Church and it was fantastic. We met many of these kids at a retreat last year where we led worship. Great leaders and youth. From there we traveled to Myrtle Beach with a stop in Greenville, SC and Charleston, SC. We’ll be here in Myrtle Beach for another day and are being put up in a little condo by the beach. During the day we hang out with the kids and do some ocean time and then at night we lead worship. Tomorrow we’ll be playing an outreach concert which should be really cool.

So yes we are enjoying a bit of R&R but we will be hitting the road hard for sure this summer. THIS WEEKEND IS ATLANTA! Friday in Canton, GA and then Saturday at ATLANTAFEST with Newsboys, Tenth Avenue North, House of Heroes and more. Plus we just added some news shows to MINNESOTA in July. Check out our latest calendar at http://www.reillytheband.com

We’ll check in again soon! Enjoying late night Sonic Burgers now!

So I leave you with a couple questions:

1) What is your favorite beach?
2) Which festival will we be seeing you at?

Dan Huie

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We had a jam packed weekend so far!  On Friday night we had our CD Release Concert and it was nothing short of super fun and excitement.  Leading up to that point we were working around the clock finishing up our new merch setup, new setlist, new website info and getting to leave on our 3 month Summer Tour.  By the time Friday night came around, we were almost completely exhausted but also filled with so much adrenaline that we just had to Bring It (just like P90X…)

We played every song on the new album with the exception of 1 track and also played some oldies but goodies.  We also made some special announcements at the show… _______________  (insert into blank).   We had a special new intro to the show too that I was very fond of…

I’d love to know what you thought about the concert. What were some favorite new songs?  Did you like the vibe? the Production?  What were some favorite moments?

On Saturday we headed to play Witness Festival which is kinda a local festival for us. A free festival in Quarryville, PA and that was superb.  I love the hearts behind that festival and we saw many people come out to hear messages from Justin Lookadoo and David Nasser and music from us and SuperChick and Natalie Grant and more.  (while at dinner with the other bands, I was trying to get John to start singing “This is what it is…” a la amazing Natalie Grant song.  I’m sure that’s never happened to her before).  Thanks for coming out to see us and rock with us!

Now we’re on our way to Lexington KY for a show tonight with some good friends…


Hi Noele!

My family just wanted to write and tell you what a great time we had last night!!! We were fans going into the concert and left completely overwhelmed by your talent. My kids went to bed with Reilly music playing and I have heard your new CD 5 times already this morning, not that I mind, but just to give you a picture of our enjoyment in your music as a band.

My girls LOVE you in particular Noele and God has placed a burden on our hearts to comitt to praying for you during this tour. We are so happy that God has blessed you with another child and will be covering that little baby with prayers!!!

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26. This is the verse that the Lord has laid on my heart and that we will be praying out of and over you and the other members as you go forward on this amazing adventure God has planned for you! May you hold fast to his promises.Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight!!!
May grace and peace abound!!!!!!

The Lohmann family
Christian, Theresa
Abbey, Bethany and Chad
PS My daughter now wants to play the violin:-)

Thanks for the prayers and love!  We are tired many hours of the day… this type of stuff is what keeps us going!!!


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Best Drummer EveR? hehehh.  Enjoy.

Dan Huie

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1) is thankful for friends that I don’t see for a long time but can start back up immediately once we hang out
2) wishes he could hang with friends in person more rather than just facebook
3) is thankful for seasons of my life that God molded me
4) remembers when he thought he was the “bomb” in college and regrets 99% of things said, done, and worn
5) likes that 1% is better than 0%
6) wishes he read more books so point 1 was not a run-on sentence
7) has dreams of friends who have passed on and cries
8) wants to love his wife Noele as much as he loves himself
9) wants to love you as much as God loves you
10) is hoping that the band survives the summer and gets more shows booked
11) can’t wait to play in front of thousands of people… tempered excitement
12) remembers when playing in front of thousands of people was an idol to me
13) is grateful for you
14) wishes he had more time in the day and could use only 3 hours of sleep
15) wants Evie to stay safe
16) wants suffering not to exist
17) truly believes that God is good, sovereign and does care
18) loves seeing Evie when she wakes up in the morning
19) honestly wouldn’t read this far if you wrote this note
20) knows he’s selfish and wants to work at it
21) didn’t over think this note
22) promise
23) knows that there is forgiveness for the many many mistakes I’ve made
24) and that forgiveness is king
25) and that forgiveness is a free gift from God through Jesus Christ
26) realizes 25 sounds foolish
27) loves you
28) loves that you’re here
29) loves that you’re my friend

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