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THIS JUST IN:  REILLY will be opening for Switchfoot on their “Hello Hurricane” Tour when the storm stops in Philadelphia, PA this Sunday October 3rd. The show is at the famous Electric Factory. We are extremely excited to share the stage with one of our favorite artists and influences.  Please come on out!  REILLY kicks off the show at 7:30 PM. Ticket s are available HERE

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BACKGROUND ON THE VIDEO: This past summer at Creation Festival East, we got to hang out with the bands Skillet and Tenth Avenue North. Great musicians and also fun people. Since each of the bands including Reilly have an Asian person (Jeff Owen from Tenth Ave and Jonathon Chu from Skillet) in each group, there is a bond that occurs. We like to share similar stories of growing up, food, cultures and things that all Asians are familiar with.

So anyway, Creation Festival East in PA was the first time we all shared the stage together on the same day. Also Jonathon and I both play violin… Jeff plays guitar and I play guitar. Jeff and Jonathon wear glasses. We all have black hair… do you see where I’m going with this? By the end of the day, each of us were confused for the other “Asian” at least 20 times. It was really funny and let me make this clear that WE ARE NOT OFFENDED. Seriously it’s all good. There aren’t too many Asians in rock bands so it’s totally cool. It’s funny and we found it amusing 🙂

So we decided that at the next festival that we’d all be together at, (Creation Festival West in WA), that we would have some fun and try to trick people even more to think we were each other… how did we do that you may ask? Watch the video…

Dan Huie

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Here’s a video blog of our experience at LifeLight Festival 2010. We played 3 times on 3 different stages and it was an amazing weekend.

Tomorrow we play in Quarryville, PA for a special music store performance and signing and then this weekend we take part in the Rebelution Conference again in DC! Do Hard Things man!

9/23/2010 6 PM – 8 PM
Lifesong Music Center
221 West Fourth Street
Quarryville, PA 17566
FREE Acoustic Concert & CD Signing

9/25/2010 All Day Event
The Rebelution Conference
Hylton Memorial Chapel
14640 Potomac Mills Road
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192
REILLY leading worship

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Cadence International

For the entire month of September, as part of the One Love to Give Us Life campaign, Reilly will be donating $1 from each Around the World album sold to a ministry called Cadence International.

“Young, searching, impressionable, moldable, and eager for relationship, many of those serving in the armed forces are in some of the most strategic moments of their lives—moments of receptivity, of soul-searching, of discovery, and of life transformation. Cadence International exists to be there during these strategic moments sharing the gospel and our lives. It’s why we are here—for military people and their families, for these poignant moments of life-change (www.cadence.org).”

I am grateful for Cadence. While I was serving in the Army in Germany, Cadence missionaries brought me into their home to love, serve, and share the Gospel with me. Because of their testimony of God’s grace, I came to know the Lord. I still keep in touch with them through email and visits.

Reilly actually partnered with a Cadence missionary family for a concert on an Army base while in Germany last month. You can read a blog about the concert here: www.festaburg.com.

Thanks for reading!


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The last 3 weeks of our lives have been wild and dreamlike. 3 weeks ago we had just gotten home after an extensive August tour that had us in Canada, and 4 festivals, and then a homecoming show in Philly. We arrived at home for 12 hours and then left for Europe. We didn’t have time to even process the fact that we were going to Europe… do you know what I mean?

Europe turned out to be an amazing experience of food, music, culture and seeing God in action “around the world” I hope the video blogs have been fun to watch! They capture a little of our time but there were a lot of fun times and TIRING times as well. It’s safe to say that we are “Semi-Big” in Europe…hhahah. The crowd response was positive each night and they really understood what Reilly was about even though there was sometimes a language barrier. The band also bonded I think through many meals together as well as trials with van issues, almost missing our boat (and plane) ride.

We get back from Europe and 12 hours later we leave to go to South Dakota for Lifelight. Probably the largest free festival in the US! 100,000 to 150,000 people there (tough to say since it’s free) but big crowds. We played 3 times and each time the audience was super into it. Many people had said we were their new favorite band (and how do you react to that but say “Thank you” and then be HUMBLED). We met a lot of “industry” people who were very ministry focused and supportive of what we were doing. Very cool!

I found myself many times throughout the past 3 weeks to say “Thank You Lord for blessing us… for allowing us to be a vessel for You… for Your Kingdom come… and Your will be done… it’s an honor and privilege to play music…God is good…. God is good”

Thanks for all you reading to and your support!

Dan Huie

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