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Thanksgiving Break

Jordan here, quiet guy in the band, drummer extraordinaire. This Thanksgiving weekend has been most enjoyable (besides watching the Eagles lose a tough game to the Bears). After eating endless amounts of food and wondering if the weekend would ever end, I feel rested and ready to get back to work this week. REILLY will actually be home this week, but I’m making a priority this week to get new vision for who God is and what He is calling me to, as I desire to serve him faithfully in my life.

Back when I first joined REILLY in May of ’09, I knew that the opportunity was a door that God opened. I was graduating a year early from college without knowing for sure what I’d be doing next. I had been part of a church plant in Boston for the last couple of years, and didn’t want to leave Boston simply to go back home to Pennsylvania. I made a decision that wherever I ended up going after graduating, that I wanted to be serving in a church and I wanted to be surrounded with godly people. God answered half of that prayer. I’m thankful to be surrounded by godly people in REILLY, but I can’t say that I’ve been able to serve at my local church because we’re normally away on tour.

This December, I’ll actually be able to stay home while John, Noele, and Dan go back out on the road for the second half of the Christmas tour with BarlowGirl. I actually wasn’t even supposed to go on the first half of the tour. After planning on being home for the month of November, I was surprised when asked to go the night they were leaving. Honestly, I did not want to go. I was exhausted and mentally prepared to be home for the month. I didn’t even have a bag packed (I had clothes shipped to me a couple of days later). Before leaving on this tour, I had not confidently been able to say that I was called to be touring full-time. Like I said, I was feeling exhausted and missing home. I think God wanted to use the tour to test and refine my faith that I’m called to be playing in REILLY.

The Barlow family couldn’t be a better example to REILLY (having been touring full-time for the last 8 years). They are ministry-minded in all their work, and it is evident that God’s hand is in their efforts. Throughout the tour, I had to remind myself that even though it was uncomfortable at times, that God’s plan is always better and that this tour was for my good and His glory. Rather than being home resting, I got to be out with a team passionately ministering to people and changing lives for eternity. So all this to say that the tour was a blast!

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that I get to play in a band with godly people who are passionate about God’s glory and His calling over our life. I’m also thankful to be home this month and have time to both reflect back and look ahead, praying for vision and God’s direction for the upcoming year. I’m looking forward to being more involved at my home church this month, and hope to finish this year confident in my calling.

In Christ,



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Rebecca B, Noele, Jordan, Alyssa B, Lauren B, John, Dan in ADA, OK

This is Dan and I’m checking in from Jacksonville, FL. We have had a few days off in between our Oklahoma and Texas shows before we hit up Florida this weekend.  We are definitely in the swing of things and the BarlowGirl/Reilly Christmas Tour has been an amazing experience in so many facets.  We feel like we’ve been adopted in the BarlowGirl team and we’re a big family that shares many laughs together. We spend time also in devotionals trying to hear God speak and also lift up prayers for each other. Each concert is an opportunity to allow God’s love to impact the audience.  All the new cities we’ve been too have been so warm and welcoming. Each town has been awesome but one example I’ll highlight is Odessa, TX.

This was a show that was put together last minute because a prior promoter dropped out. So a group of people from a small church wanted to bring the tour (and more importantly the music and ministry) to their town of Odessa, TX. As soon as we got off the bus, the air smelled of BBQ… and we ate tons of it. They smoked BBQ all day for us and that was a sign of good things to come. It was a packed concert… Loving pastors, great helpers, and a concert where we saw many people come forward to receive prayer and ask for God’s love to be bigger in their lives.

I hope you guys can come to one of the shows!! Check out our tour calendar www.reillytheband.com/tour for cities and dates!

For up to the minute pictures, videos from the tour, follow us on WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/REILLYMUSIC and WWW.TWITTER.COM/REILLYBAND


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On Tour with BarlowGirl

We have officially kicked off the 2010 Christmas Tour (pics/vids coming soong) with BarlowGirl and Operation Christmas Child!  We met up a couple days ago to begin tour rehearsals with the gals and it has been go go go since then. Besides REILLY opening for the tour, Dan and Noele will also be backing BarlowGirl on the violins 🙂  It’s a really cool show from start to finish!

Prior to meeting up to them we had just wrapped up a string of shows across the midwest, east coast and the south for our Around the World Autumn Tour.   A fun experience for sure. We were a little stressed meeting up with BarlowGirl because we had our last show the night before and had to get ready for this new tour.  I can tell you though that it has been an EXCITING and FUN experience thus far.

Team Barlow is extremely kind and joyful people who are also very hard workers. I love that about them. They are the real deal and have big hearts for Jesus Christ.  We hadn’t really hung out with the girls before, but we’ve quickly become fans of their music and ministry. After hours of rehearsal, I now have most songs memorized. heheh.

So we had our first show last night in Sheparsdtown WV. We couldn’t have asked for a better kick off for the tour. Reilly’s set went really well. Acoustic version which was very refreshing, challenging but fun. We debuted our CHRISTMAS SONG! what!?!? come see us to hear it live. (available on Tuesday Nov 16th). BarlowGirl set was superb.

We’re heading your way (hopefully). Check out all our concert dates at http://www.reillytheband.com/tour

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

DaN Huie


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