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BarlowGirl and Reilly jammed in an elevator! Thank God for Chinese food 🙂 One of many awesome memories!

We had one of the best experiences ever joining our new friends and pals BarlowGirl over the past couple months. We hit over 25 cities together bringing in Christmas cheer.

We had tons of fun on and off stage. Here’s an idea of what our night would look like: Reilly opened the night with a set of acoustic originals and our new Christmas single “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (PurchaseHERE). We then turned it over to the girls where they played half originals and half Christmas classics. Noele and I played violin for several songs as they had always hoped to tour with some strings. After the show, we’d jump on the bus and travel to the next city.

We all thoroughly enjoyed creating music with some talented musicians and most of all, God-fearing women who had a vision to see this generation experience God’s love and go change the world.Before the tour started though, I think both bands were nervous about what it’d be like traveling together on the same tour bus having never met the other band before! It could be really awesome or really WEIRD. Thankfully it was amazing and better than we imagined. We became close friends with the entire BarlowGirl team very quickly. We share many things: a love for Chinese food, the comedian Brian Regan, a care-free attitude, a desire to serve, and hearts for ministry. We hung out after each show on the bus cracking jokes, telling stories about our lives, and watching Christmas movies. We woke up, had coffee together, sometimes went shopping at a mall, soundchecked, and then started up the night again.

We experienced ups and downs together and really gleaned much wisdom from them. They encouraged us with their story of how they got started and are continuing to seek God’s vision first and foremost above the music industry. They cared for us like longtime friends and were fans of our unique musical style. They challenged us and prayed for us and even would cheer us on from backstage as we performed.

– Dan

Here are a few pics from the tour:

My point of view of the show each night

Before we hit the stage. Our High School Staircase shot… playing hooky

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