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So May 21st is just around the corner and to a small group of people this marks the date of the Christ returning. For fun, let’s say that tomorrow is indeed THE DAY.

Some disclaimers: First I believe that one day there will be a time when the world ends whether through our own death or an apocalyptic event. However I believe no one knows the date or time except for God. Second I believe that we’ll be judged and left to ourselves, we would all FAIL.  Access to the pearly gates is not dependent on whether your “good” acts outweigh the “naughty” deeds.  Check out http://howgoodareyou.com/ to take the test and see what the Bible says about how your actions will be judged. Finally I believe Heaven is an awesome place and will be infinitely better than anything we’ve experienced here.

That being said, there are a few things we’ll miss out on earth if the world does end tomorrow.  And thus I present to you:

Top 10 things we’ll miss out on if the Apocalypse happens tomorrow.

10) Reilly raises $50,000 by midnight and never gets to buy their BUS.

9) We miss our 2nd European Tour to Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany and England! Switzerland is the closest to Heaven though that we’ve seen 🙂

8) Recording a Gold Record with famed music producer Bruce Dickinson

7) Recording more cowbell

6) Summer Festival Tour 2011! Thousands of people outside all day underneath the burning sun listening to bands. It’ll be hotter than…

5) Gaining more twitter followers than Lady Gaga. www.twitter.com/REILLYBand (Let’s go for it!)

4) BabyNeedsaBus gets more hits than Rebecca Black’s Friday

3) Our kids Suki, Evie, and Vera start a band called “Daughters of Rock” (get it?!?!)

2) We’ll never have that conversation that went “Remember when Coldplay asked if they could open for us?”

1) The new manager of The Office!?!?

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