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Summer update

Hey friends!

We are basking in the hot summer sun of South Dakota coming back from one of many festivals we’re playing this year. We had a great time at Hills Alive Festival in Rapid City, SD (home of Mt. Rushmore). We love festivals in general for the opportunity to make tons of new friends and to catch cool bands.  So far some fine acts we’ve seen have been The Afters, NewWorldSon, Abandon, Third Day, Matthew West, ManaFest , Switchfoot, and many more. It’s an honor to share the stage with these guys.  We’re about halfway through the year and summer, and we’ve got a big rest of the year ahead. EURO TOUR 2011!! We’re going back this August. Plus more festivals and headlining concerts on the horizon.

Despite all the great shows we’ve been playing, we were in need of some boost in our life.  The business of music can suck away all good art and intentions that you originally started out with. The good news though is that through communication, prayer and encouragement from each other, there is a recent infusion of drive/passion into the music and ministry of our band. We’ve been talking more as a band and that has helped us stoke our dreams and desires.  We’re talking about writing for a new album this fall and starting to do a heavy push for radio as well. Most of all we believe we have something that needs to be said.

Also we’ve seen God’s love poured out very practically through the gracious gifts and donations of friends and fans! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You know who you are!

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  See you around the world.

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