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Greetings from Switzerland!! We are in Europe now! 1st day is done. Keep in touch with our adventures at www.facebook.com/reillymusic for constant pics/videos.

In other news, if you’ve ever seen us play live, you know that one of our favorite songs to play is “For What it’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield. Such an amazing song for its time and it still has poignant lyrics even for today. We turn this folk-sy song into a royal rock jam.

Last week when we were out at Spirit West Coast Festival in the beautiful Monterey, CA, we had our friend and fellow violinist Jonathan Chu from the band SKILLET come by our Late Night Acoustic set for an impromptu jam session. Jonathan is an amazing man, husband, father, and musician and it’s always a joy to hang out with him any time we can at the festivals. Honestly we weren’t sure if Jonathan was going to be able to make it because he had just finished playing with Skillet 15 minutes prior, but he did and we were pleasantly SURPRISED. Check out this special 3 violin acoustic jam here:



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