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Baby Got Bus!

Anyone who follows us on Facebook, gets our fan emails or has gotten an update at shows knows that, with the generous love and support of our fan family, we got a *major upgrade* recently in the form of an omnibus 🙂

What a difference a tour bus makes! It’s major.

With a growing band that includes 3 kids and the occasional special guest, to say we’re grateful for a new spacious ride feels like a bit of an understatement. Let’s call it grateful plus a little extra. A far cry from the 15 passenger van we began touring in, our bus affords us room to stand up and walk around, recline seats, store gear, spread out baby car seats and even… wait for it… still stalling…………… enjoy bunk beds!! Boo ya.

Over the past few months, we’ve been blown away at how much God has appointed just the right people with just the right skills (and heavy duty tools!) to help us gut seats, build bunk bed frames, and install a fully functional chill space. It’s a vivid example of His faithfulness, and that things come together as, and when, God ordains them.

We could not have gotten our bus – and the extreme bus makeover-renovation-facelift – without you. Thanks for every single donation to our Baby Needs a Bus campaign. We believe God is calling us to continue 100% in our music ministry, and this bus enables us reach more people, further and together with our whole band family.

To think: Vera and Suki were just itty bitty babies when we filmed the campaign video in early 2011. And now? They’re walking around telling us how much they love the bus. Ok, it’s more “ba ba ba ba” but it translates!

From all of us in the REILLY band family, thank you. We thank God for you. An upcoming design touch in the bus is a thoughtfully prepared donor wall. Your name will live in our bus with us! We’ll see each name, pray over them and be reminded of how much in most important kingdom-building family together – God’s family!

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