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“Let it be revival, Let it be awakening…”

Surprise, we are ALIVE!

Ok, so we haven’t been performing much lately. However, we have been busy in other ways. In the past, we’ve experienced so many benefits that touring offers…the thrill of travel, new places/eateries, potent ministry opportunities, making lifelong friends while doing something we love. But during this last year we have embraced life at a slower pace in Pennsylvania. New careers and lots of kids (with more on the way) have a tendency of shaking things up – and in our case, in the best ways possible. True, there’s lots to miss about being on the road but there’s also lots to love about our current situations.

While the pace of REILLY was slowing down we noticed God using one new particular song in our set to connect people with Himself. It seemed like it was ‘of God’ and beyond us. And that was completely exhilarating. Because, there’s nothing better than being caught up in something greater than yourself and your limitations. To see God moving in others’ lives (through you) is one of the greatest privileges of being his sons and daughters. Soon we noticed some of you asking for chords to play this song at your church and small group. And you were asking for the recording and we sadly had to tell you “we haven’t recorded it.”

It didn’t take long before we realized that we should make this song available to you. We’ve felt this way before about songs, but for me, this was different. The best way I can describe it is that – I (we) just wanted to simply bless people with this song. Not impress you. Not progress the band. Just simply bless you and offer a song that might help you connect with your God and Father. Now, I’m not saying that our motivations have been horrible up until now – so if that’s what you’re thinking then do us a favor: stop polishing your halo and chill. All I’m trying to say is that our motivations can rarely be 100% pure all the time. And this song just really began a work in me – a hunger began in me for people to connect with God through what we do on stage – more so than ever.

The heart behind this song is revival. Our world needs revival. Our nation needs revival. Our counties and neighborhoods need revival. Our high schools need revival. And revival starts one heart at a time. Revival starts with you and me. This song “Change Me God” is about surrendering to the supremely glorious and uncontainable worth of God. It’s about dying to self in order to truly live. It’s about walking in the freedom of who Jesus made me to be. It means truly striving for God to be the center of all I am and all that I do.

I’m really excited to offer this song and video to you of “Change Me God” because I’m really not concerned with how ‘popular’ this song becomes… or how many ‘likes’ and ‘view counts’ we get, or the ‘radio play’ and ‘gig requests’ and the other countless, small-minded things we artists can be distracted by. Is this song for everybody? Most likely, not. Will this song connect people with God? Hopefully, yes. And that’s what I’m really excited about.

I guess you can say I’ve changed over the years. Or more precisely, that God has changed me.

Download your free copy. Share it if you feel led to: http://noisetrade.com/reillytheband/change-me-god-let-it-be-revival

Watch the video too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d70WcWMekxc

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