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Here is our new live album’s artwork from bassist/graphic designer Matthew Bomberger!

Earlier this year in March 2012, we live-tracked our worship leading and concert performance at the Vision Conference in Lancaster, PA. We are happy to announce that 11 tracks from that day are being released as our first ever live recording project! This is a live record and it’s raw and real.

It’s due out this October and you can pre-order now and see the track listing by going to our online store here: http://reillystore.bigcartel.com/

Thanks! We are excited for you to hear this!!!!!!!!!!!


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So May 21st is just around the corner and to a small group of people this marks the date of the Christ returning. For fun, let’s say that tomorrow is indeed THE DAY.

Some disclaimers: First I believe that one day there will be a time when the world ends whether through our own death or an apocalyptic event. However I believe no one knows the date or time except for God. Second I believe that we’ll be judged and left to ourselves, we would all FAIL.  Access to the pearly gates is not dependent on whether your “good” acts outweigh the “naughty” deeds.  Check out http://howgoodareyou.com/ to take the test and see what the Bible says about how your actions will be judged. Finally I believe Heaven is an awesome place and will be infinitely better than anything we’ve experienced here.

That being said, there are a few things we’ll miss out on earth if the world does end tomorrow.  And thus I present to you:

Top 10 things we’ll miss out on if the Apocalypse happens tomorrow.

10) Reilly raises $50,000 by midnight and never gets to buy their BUS.

9) We miss our 2nd European Tour to Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany and England! Switzerland is the closest to Heaven though that we’ve seen 🙂

8) Recording a Gold Record with famed music producer Bruce Dickinson

7) Recording more cowbell

6) Summer Festival Tour 2011! Thousands of people outside all day underneath the burning sun listening to bands. It’ll be hotter than…

5) Gaining more twitter followers than Lady Gaga. www.twitter.com/REILLYBand (Let’s go for it!)

4) BabyNeedsaBus gets more hits than Rebecca Black’s Friday

3) Our kids Suki, Evie, and Vera start a band called “Daughters of Rock” (get it?!?!)

2) We’ll never have that conversation that went “Remember when Coldplay asked if they could open for us?”

1) The new manager of The Office!?!?

Comments, questions, jokes, complaints can be made to www.facebook.com/REILLYmusic 🙂

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REILLY had the honor of playing at a recent Youth for Christ Impact Conference; an incredible weekend filled with Gospel preaching and worship with the REILLY band. We as a band absolutely love playing for youth. God was on the move, and I found myself sharing the Gospel with kids I was talking to. I simply said, “Isn’t it awesome that God loved us so much that he sent Jesus to die on the cross to receive the punishment that we deserved, so that we could be forgiven and adopted into God’s family?” I probably asked that to about 20 kids throughout the weekend.

There was a young guy that I talked to that when I asked what God had taught him over the weekend he responded, “that I need to work harder for God”. I shared with him Romans 6:23, “the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”. I explained to him that a wage is something we earn and what we deserve from God is punishment. I had something in my hand that I held out to him and asked how he would respond if I gave him a gift. “Well, I’d have to take it,” he said. And he was right. You have to recognize the gift and receive it, acknowledge and accept it. Realize that the forgiveness of your sins and eternal life is an undeserved gift and all we have to do is simply believe.

The conversation that stood out most was with Jenny, a girl who loved to write songs who shared that she lived in a foster-home. She had me autograph her notebook that she used for writing songs meant to encourage other foster kids struggling with difficult life circumstances. I was really touched by her story and gave her a hug before she left. She returned the next day with her notebook and had me read a song she wrote during the Conference weekend. Like the day before I asked her, “Isn’t it awesome that God loved us so much that he sent Jesus?” She told me that she had just received Christ, so I prayed with her.

A few days later, the band got a message from Jenny’s foster mom, saying that Jenny came home excited and told her about the weekend. It turns out that the foster parents are believers and they were praying that Impact would be the weekend that Jenny would place her faith in Christ! They had to get special permission from the foster care agency for Jenny to go. When Jenny came home and told her parents about the weekend, her mom and dad went out and got her a cake and Bible to celebrate. How precious is that? God did a work in Jenny’s soul, and her parents acknowledged what happened by throwing Jenny a party. I can’t think of more of a reason to celebrate and was blown away hearing this family’s story. I’m so happy that Jenny is in a home that will point her to God’s goodness and faithfulness now that He has adopted Jenny as his precious child.


Here’s a picture of the party!

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BarlowGirl and Reilly jammed in an elevator! Thank God for Chinese food 🙂 One of many awesome memories!

We had one of the best experiences ever joining our new friends and pals BarlowGirl over the past couple months. We hit over 25 cities together bringing in Christmas cheer.

We had tons of fun on and off stage. Here’s an idea of what our night would look like: Reilly opened the night with a set of acoustic originals and our new Christmas single “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (PurchaseHERE). We then turned it over to the girls where they played half originals and half Christmas classics. Noele and I played violin for several songs as they had always hoped to tour with some strings. After the show, we’d jump on the bus and travel to the next city.

We all thoroughly enjoyed creating music with some talented musicians and most of all, God-fearing women who had a vision to see this generation experience God’s love and go change the world.Before the tour started though, I think both bands were nervous about what it’d be like traveling together on the same tour bus having never met the other band before! It could be really awesome or really WEIRD. Thankfully it was amazing and better than we imagined. We became close friends with the entire BarlowGirl team very quickly. We share many things: a love for Chinese food, the comedian Brian Regan, a care-free attitude, a desire to serve, and hearts for ministry. We hung out after each show on the bus cracking jokes, telling stories about our lives, and watching Christmas movies. We woke up, had coffee together, sometimes went shopping at a mall, soundchecked, and then started up the night again.

We experienced ups and downs together and really gleaned much wisdom from them. They encouraged us with their story of how they got started and are continuing to seek God’s vision first and foremost above the music industry. They cared for us like longtime friends and were fans of our unique musical style. They challenged us and prayed for us and even would cheer us on from backstage as we performed.

– Dan

Here are a few pics from the tour:

My point of view of the show each night

Before we hit the stage. Our High School Staircase shot… playing hooky

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Rebecca B, Noele, Jordan, Alyssa B, Lauren B, John, Dan in ADA, OK

This is Dan and I’m checking in from Jacksonville, FL. We have had a few days off in between our Oklahoma and Texas shows before we hit up Florida this weekend.  We are definitely in the swing of things and the BarlowGirl/Reilly Christmas Tour has been an amazing experience in so many facets.  We feel like we’ve been adopted in the BarlowGirl team and we’re a big family that shares many laughs together. We spend time also in devotionals trying to hear God speak and also lift up prayers for each other. Each concert is an opportunity to allow God’s love to impact the audience.  All the new cities we’ve been too have been so warm and welcoming. Each town has been awesome but one example I’ll highlight is Odessa, TX.

This was a show that was put together last minute because a prior promoter dropped out. So a group of people from a small church wanted to bring the tour (and more importantly the music and ministry) to their town of Odessa, TX. As soon as we got off the bus, the air smelled of BBQ… and we ate tons of it. They smoked BBQ all day for us and that was a sign of good things to come. It was a packed concert… Loving pastors, great helpers, and a concert where we saw many people come forward to receive prayer and ask for God’s love to be bigger in their lives.

I hope you guys can come to one of the shows!! Check out our tour calendar www.reillytheband.com/tour for cities and dates!

For up to the minute pictures, videos from the tour, follow us on WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/REILLYMUSIC and WWW.TWITTER.COM/REILLYBAND


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THIS JUST IN:  REILLY will be opening for Switchfoot on their “Hello Hurricane” Tour when the storm stops in Philadelphia, PA this Sunday October 3rd. The show is at the famous Electric Factory. We are extremely excited to share the stage with one of our favorite artists and influences.  Please come on out!  REILLY kicks off the show at 7:30 PM. Ticket s are available HERE

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BACKGROUND ON THE VIDEO: This past summer at Creation Festival East, we got to hang out with the bands Skillet and Tenth Avenue North. Great musicians and also fun people. Since each of the bands including Reilly have an Asian person (Jeff Owen from Tenth Ave and Jonathon Chu from Skillet) in each group, there is a bond that occurs. We like to share similar stories of growing up, food, cultures and things that all Asians are familiar with.

So anyway, Creation Festival East in PA was the first time we all shared the stage together on the same day. Also Jonathon and I both play violin… Jeff plays guitar and I play guitar. Jeff and Jonathon wear glasses. We all have black hair… do you see where I’m going with this? By the end of the day, each of us were confused for the other “Asian” at least 20 times. It was really funny and let me make this clear that WE ARE NOT OFFENDED. Seriously it’s all good. There aren’t too many Asians in rock bands so it’s totally cool. It’s funny and we found it amusing 🙂

So we decided that at the next festival that we’d all be together at, (Creation Festival West in WA), that we would have some fun and try to trick people even more to think we were each other… how did we do that you may ask? Watch the video…

Dan Huie

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