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Here is our new live album’s artwork from bassist/graphic designer Matthew Bomberger!

Earlier this year in March 2012, we live-tracked our worship leading and concert performance at the Vision Conference in Lancaster, PA. We are happy to announce that 11 tracks from that day are being released as our first ever live recording project! This is a live record and it’s raw and real.

It’s due out this October and you can pre-order now and see the track listing by going to our online store here: http://reillystore.bigcartel.com/

Thanks! We are excited for you to hear this!!!!!!!!!!!


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This past Saturday we played at the Vision Conference in Lancaster, PA.  It’s a conference dedicated to helping equip the youth of this generation to reach all the nations (here, there and everywhere) with the Gospel (God’s plan to save us from our sins through Jesus).   This is our 2nd year doing so and we had an unbelievable time once again.  We led worship and then played a concert at night with Stellar Kart but just being involved and being reminded through great teaching (via Jeremy Kinsgley. big ups) of our role in GOING.  Jesus had a heart for the nations and so did the disciples and the early church.   We can pray for the harvest to happen,  and also pray to see how God will involve us in the Harvest.

Personally I’ve also realized how important it is for me to share the most important thing in my life with the people around me too.    I’ve had dreams lately of very close friends who I haven’t shared the Gospel with and I realize I need to be the best friend possible even if it gets awkward or weird (what friendship doesn’t ever get weird or awkward anyway.  the best ones do!).

Here’s a website that Matthew (bassist) and his twin brother made up along with one of our church pastors.  It’s a good questionnaire that helps people understand what the basics of Christianity are and how it applies to real life.  Feel free to spread it around:




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